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I started to work out, and I have gained weight?

So, I started doing that insanity workout thing, and at first it looked pretty good and I didn't see many results, but I feel better now. They weren't major or anything, but just this weekend I was feeling really down so I binged just a little (I don't do this all of the time)...well I hopped on the scale today and it says I weigh 20 pounds heavier than before my workout? I mean I'm not sure if my scale is even accurate (I put a 10 pound weight on it and it said 6. And sometimes, it's over the 0 too...) but I am FREAKING OUT. I don't think I look any more fat or anything...but why have I gained so much weight? I am only 5'41/2! And almost done growing! What did I do? UGH


And I know muscle weighs more than fat, but 20 whole pounds? I'm not the most strong person around...

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    Muscle weighs more than fat, so when you work out you'll weigh more, but will also be more defined

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