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How to make your poetry more fluid?

I have a poetry portfolio due for my English class, and I've been writing poetry since this morning... But my poetry feels so rigged, and its like reading a brick; figuratively of course. It would be nice if i could get some advice on how to let your poetry flow more, like water or hot grits if you're into that stuff :P. Some poems we have to do are- extended metaphor, memory poem, sonnet, lyrical poem... and other stuff like that

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    Do the line breaks at prepositional phrases. Also if the meter is in common meter, iambic, the first word of the lines are unaccented, which helps the flow, such as "I drank the wine while it was warm / And shooed away the bees untimely swarm." Unaccented words are like "and" "it" "A" "When"

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    I write as well and I also do written thought. I find that Pandora helps me a lot. I listen to music that has no words in it.

    Here are a few stations I listen too when doing big papers, damn anything really.

    New Age instrumental

    New Age inspirational(3rd)

    City lights (1st on my list)

    Quantic Radio( 2nd)

    Source(s): The other person knows more than me....pick them! I learned something from their blog.
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