Is it normal to be a bit homesick at boarding school?

I'm 14, and it's a new term. I get homesick sometimes, and when I get homesick I get very upset.

I have mood swings, one moment I'm happy then one moment I'm upset because I'm away from home. Is there any advice anybody can give to me to cheer me up in anyway?

Thank you!


2 Answers

  • 8 years ago

    I used get that way until I found a group of friends that were just like me and it made me so happy. I was excited with them and didn't really think of home as much. After It was over I felt sad that everyone was going their seperate ways =( =(. You need to call home and talk to your family. We need emotional support from the ones we love when we are away from them in this big lonely world. I hope you feel better, Ben. =) =) =)

  • 8 years ago

    i get homesick to even if im away for a while or at school.what helps me is just have fun what is surounding you like you friends. i hopes this cheers you up! see other questions too what they think! ^___^when you away with you friends your friends are your family!

    Source(s): MY OPINION!
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