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My girlfriend picks her friends over me?

So I''m at university, I'm 19 and I've been going out with my girlfriend for 5 months. Everything was fine at first, but recently I've noticed she enjoys spending a lot of her time with her friends than with me. I can barely recall the last time we spent actual social time together, like actually went out somewhere as a couple. The only time we do spend together is on a night out with her and my friends, when we're in bed or when one of her friends invites me out with them. She says she loves me, but I don't know, she never seems like she wants to be just me and her alone unless it's sex or night time. I don't know, Like especially recently, I'll go down to see her, and she'll leave me in her room for a long time while she goes to say hello to her friends, and the other day she just got up and went and sat outside with her friends for ages until I had to just get up and leave. What do you guys think?

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    8 years ago

    Well to me it sounds like she doesn't ever want to be around you. have you done anything to embraces her? It'll take anything to embraced a girl especially a girlfriend. Or maybe you should make her stop and just go do something romantic and give her no choice! and only her! and have it so romantic maybe she just needs a boost to show how much you care and love and would do anything for her or you could make her stop an take a minute or as long as it takes by your self and her and just talk it over!! That's my opinion.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    well u know what to do end the failing relationship

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