What does this mean?! I'll answer yours!?

Okay, so me and this guy were friends for a really long time.. I began to develop feelings for him and that led to me liking him a lot! Well, he was interested in another girl, but he and I were always together and cuddling and what not. I began to get jealous of the other girl because he actually acted interested in her and gave her the time of day that I wanted(intellectually and emotionally, not just the physical).So,I finally went to tell him how I felt about him and the entire situation.. it didn't end well and he was very upset about it.He asked why didn't I tell him sooner, but he made it clear that he wanted a friendship with me and that's it but a relationship with her. He also said that he wanted to take a break from me.. I didn't want to lose him as a friend so I told him that I understood and I'd be there whenever he needs me.. after we sent a few more text, we began to text like we used to, like normal..

Why did he continue to text me like normal rather than taking a break like he said?

Why do you think he kept saying that he only wanted a friendship with me and more with her?

Why do you think it was so important for him to come over and talk to me?

Is it possible for the two of them to like each other from two different cities?(They've only been really talking for 3 days)

I just need some advice or some insight on what you think could be going on..

Anything will help here..

Thanks :D

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  • 8 years ago
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    Back off from him. A guy always knows when a girl is interested. Maybe he just wants you as a friend. Had he liked you he wouldn't look for another girl. Don't go for what he says that he wants to take a brake from you. Sure he wants to go with the other girl. Don't let him put you on hold. He would continue texting you because he knows if it doesn't work with this girl you will be there. Get away from him, don't set yourself for a broken heart. Listen to what he said, he wants a friendship with you and a relationship with her. Dear get away while you can he had told everything you want to know. You should know what going on, he is interested in another girl and wants you as a back up. Don't sell yourself cheap. I'm pretty sure you will find a guy who put you in the first place. STOP texting him or answering the phone, let him knows you are a strong girl and you can do better without him.

  • 8 years ago

    Maybe he forgot that he said he would take a break from you, or maybe he was just trying to see how you would react to that.

    I think he told you that he wanted friendship with you and more with her just so it would be clear. I think that's also why he wanted to come over and talk to you.

    They could be interested in each other, yes.


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