Does it Sound Like She Likes Me? 10points?

So, I'll try to keep this short. Me and this girl have grown quite close over the course of the year. We're both sophmores in highschool. Anyhow, she hugs me atleast 3 times a day. Jokingly tells me to "Shutup". One day, a while back, I was telling her How i rode the entire subway and she said she wanted to ride with me. Well today, she brought it back up and wants to do it soon. When we were walking out of spanish class, she slapped my butt. We were texting and I called her a troll and she responded back " a prince doesn't say that"

What do you think?

1 Answer

  • 8 years ago

    yes yes yes & yes. she's into you!

    Source(s): experience, I'm a girl. lol
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