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What type of worms die the instant that when they hit the ground?

I gave my own dogs homeopathic remedies to prevent worms. Then, to hedge my bets I took their feces to the vets to be checked, I hate using unnecessary chemicals and I have forgotten what various worms look like.

At present I am looking after a friends dog and I suspect that he has worms.Although I have a safe fenced garden, he is never in the garden alone, consequently I can inspect his stools almost the instant that they are produced and dispose of them.

Included in his stools today was stuff that looked like very fine spaghetti. Although I was just a few feet behind him when he produced this, the spaghetti did not move.

If these were worms, what type of worms die the instant that they hit the ground?

My friend is collecting her dog in ten days time, in the interim should I have him treated?

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    contact your friend to check there dog is upto date with there worming treatment. also keep an eye on there poo and see if it happens again. I wouldn't re treat strait away until you have checked with friend incase they have recently been treated or have any allergys ect just keep an eye on dog and take it from there.

  • Moi
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    I may be wrong but it sounds like roundworms as these don't move once they've been expelled and look like noodles. However, the dog would most likely have diarrhea and be vomiting were this the case. Try and contact your friend; if you can't take him to the vet anyway as this type of worm can cause death- get a receipt though so that your friend can pay you back. They are also the most common type of worm in dogs.

    Hope I helped :)

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    The worms were expelled already dead. Your description may be roundworms, but could also be something else.

    I would NOT worm your friend's dog without their express permission - dead worms are often expelled AFTER worming and you don't want to overdose if the dog was treated right before coming to you. The owner may also know that the dog has an allergy or sensitivity to some medications or just be flat-out uncomfortable with you and not a vet treating their dog.

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    What about just using food grade diatomaceous earth? It works for all the gi worms. And safe to use no side effects.

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