Laws on minor running away from abusive adoptive parents?

If a 17 year old is being abused by adoptive parents and wants to run away and return living with his birth mother, can he? Or would law enforcement make him go back home, or put him in foster care? And what would be the punishment for anyone who helped him leave the state to return to his mother, if any? Thanks!!

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  • 8 years ago
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    He'd be a runaway, regardless of where he went. He needs to report his parents if they are abusing him and get legal permission to go to his birth parents-provided they want him to come.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    No abuse is robust. even nevertheless, a brilliant number of abuse occurs in residences the place there's a mix or 2 or extra of those: no kinfolk or community help, financial subject concerns, inexperience and substance abuse. it fairly is the reason abuse usually occurs with organic and organic parents and in spite of the actuality that that's faulty, maximum organic and organic parents abuse their little ones because of the fact they panic, they are below extensive rigidity and that they do no longer understand the thank you to administration. parents with submit natal melancholy case in point, if undesirable and with out community help usually can't get the help and could attempt to look after their toddler with out help. There are additionally scumbags who will intentionally abuse a toddler. Adoptive parents flow through screenings to work out that they have not got any of those threat factors like poverty, substance abuse or a loss of kinfolk and community help, they flow out wanting a toddler and to furnish it a loving abode. it fairly is the reason in my opinion, abuse in an adoptive house is worse. i develop into taken out of my bio kinfolk because of the fact they theory i develop into in threat and placed me in an adoptive abode that develop into bodily abusive. i finished up in well being middle and had to be positioned into foster care, and then into yet another adoptive abode. Being abused on precise of being observed out develop into fairly traumatising and then of course i develop into taken from abode to abode returned. Abuse isn't ok in all situations, yet with organic and organic parents usually all they desire is help and particularly help and guidence. Or, the youngster may be taken away in extreme situations, With adoption, a toddler is going in the time of the discomfort of adoption and then being abused by potential of people who have been supposedly arranged and heavily screened, and then observed returned or worse left interior the abusive abode.

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