Undeliverable package?

I ordered a package and it was undeliverable so it was supposed to get sent back to the sender. The sender has not received the package so i contacted the USPS customer service and they said they will file a claim and investigate because technically now it is their fault. I'in wondering if USPS did in fact lose my package, will they give my money back??

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  • Isabel
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    8 years ago
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    You'll have to wait a few more days to find out if it is in fact returned - sometimes they can take a little longer on the package return. If it was lost in shipment the sender will likely ship another. The question now is why it was undeliverable - the sender won't re-send if the same problem exists. And if you actually want a refund, you'll have to wait in most cases, until it can be confirmed that there was no actual delivery anywhere, and is in fact lost.

    Oh, and you are clearly in the wrong category, this here is for Yahoo Mail - email. Not the US Postal Service.

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