Screen problems with my Nintendo 64?

Ok, so I just got a 64. I got it from a gaming company and they had it tested before being sent to me. Well, I received it and tried to play it. It turns on and runs fine, but the screen is weird. There's mainly green, but multiple colored bars running across the screen and the main menu of my game shifts down my screen kind of like static from an old VHS player. Are the AV cords bad, do I need to configure my LED tv a certain way or something else? I'm getting it looked at by a technician in my area but any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks guys.


I'm using composite AV cords for the N64 as well.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Are you using composite cables? or the AV cables that use the Coax?

    If composite, make sure that your TV inputs aren't component. It would be yellow for video (not red-green-blue) and red-white for audio.

    If the AV coax cable, make sure that you have the channel 3/4 switch set to whatever channel isn't used in your area, and make sure the TV is tuned to that channel (not AUX, but actually channel 3 or 4).

  • minko
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    4 years ago

    There most often isn't anything flawed together with your new sixty four, or the old one. It can be on the whole your video games. Are trying cleansing your cartridge by dipping a q-tip in rubbing alcohol, and rubbing it in opposition to the contacts. Your recreation you start simply excellent. If that does not work, are attempting pressing down fairly on the cart, preserving the cart toward you so it connects better with the contacts. Let go after you vigour up.

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