Dog scratched new tattoo?

I got my tattoo on Saturday and its now Monday. It's doing great, but I had my foot under a blanket and my dog jumped right now top of it. I felt his nails throught the blanket but there is not visible damage to my tattoo. Just a little bit of redness that's barely visible but other than that there's nothing. Will my tattoo be okay? Is there anything I should do? (I'm a worrier)

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  • 8 years ago
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    There is absoloutly nothing to worry about! The ink is already under your skin, the only thing that will change the apperance of your tattoo is a burn, cut, or fading over time. Unless your dog scramed along the tattoo into your skin, creating a cut that will leave a scar then there will be no harm. If its painful I'd reccommend putting a wet cloth or ice on it for a short time but other than that you'll be fine x

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    The only thing about tattoos after just being done is that you shouldn't pick the scab that forms over it because it can mess up the design and wreck your tattoo. I think the fact you had a bit of a knock to it shouldn't damage it... i mean it literally happened for two seconds and everyone in the history of forever that has had a tattoo I'm sure has knocked the area they got tattooed at least once.

    The redness will just be the skin broken and repairing from the needles that's all.

    Stop worrying and enjoy your tattoo! :) ha! x

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