I had 2 periods last month and not one yet this month?

Last month I had two periods that were a week apart which wasn't out of the usual, because every now and again that happens to me. Well, I've been having sex but with a condom and I'm POSITIVE that none of them broke. But a month ago today was when I got off my second period. I'm not sure what's going on. I haven't had two periods in a month in a while and when I did I didn't keep track of my periods because I wasn't sexually active. And this past month I've been doing a lot of ab workouts and leg workouts just at home to get my summer body looking good! I don't know if this would change anything or if my period not coming yet means I'm pregnant. Please help.

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    8 years ago
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    Stick to saddlebacking. Its 100% effective against unwanted pregnancy.

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    There are a volume of distinct the reason why ur period will be overdue, certainly once you've had unprotected sex considering that your very last period then you definately would definetely be pregnant, it may well be that you merely took 2 very last month which has twisted up your cycle, it extremely is more beneficial commonly than no longer what has befell. The signs and indications will be an illustration of being pregnant even if in addition they sound like signs and indications that you merely get previously than or for the length of your period to. that's difficult to distinguish between both because that the they're exact same. i believe you may go away it a pair more beneficial days, and observe what takes position, and if it though doesnt exhibit then do a try... nicely solid fortune xx

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