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HOW can a 13 year old girl make money over the summer?

I already do babysitting and have $395 but I am trying to get $1500 by September or October to buy my first horse. Any ideas?


Where I live, there are a ton of perfect horses for $1000-2500

Update 2:

Btw Emura, the board here is $130 for board with feed. And I made that $395 just this month from babysitting and dogsitting

Update 3:

My parents will b paying for vet and farrier. I just have to pay for lessons(20 bux),the horse,and board($130 a month with feed)

Update 4:

Thank you Garrett and Moon Queen. And to every one else, please answer the question and give me some ideas and advice

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    All I can think off the top of my head is car washing, lawn mowing, or cleaning a friends house. Good luck with the horse.

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    I have seen this question a million times on this website. Here's my view, take it or leave it. I work 6 days a week and go to college full time in an effort to pay for my one horse. Horses are SO expensive. Beyond the original purchase price and board, vet bills are super expensive and the farrier every 6-8 weeks is expensive (even if it's barefoot). Plus, since you're only 13 you probably still will want lessons which are expensive and I bet you still want a social life, which mostly disappears when you're young trying to support a horse.

    I would try and find a nice horse for a half lease. Half the bills, usually have their own tack and they usually include a lesson once a week. It's a great way to have a horse to ride all on your own without having to spend the ridiculous amounts of money a horse will cost you and you get to grow all on your own.

    I know it's not the answer you wanted, but trust me. Rather than defending the fact that at 13 you can buy and pay for your own horse, take it from someone who's older than you and struggling and don't put yourself or your horse through it.

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    I would do stalls and feeding, its not a bad job and you learn about lots of different feeds and stuff. But I have to say I would not be buying a horse yet. I know what its like but trust me you'll be happier if you find a good barn and take lessons. You might be able to get a horse in a year or so but in a few years when you go away to school there just no way to afford it. When I was your age I would have given anything but now that I'm away at school for the time being I'm glad I don't have a horse to pay for because I wouldn't be able to. I would have had to sell or something which would had bin harder then not having a horse at all. Just think about it

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    Well over here were I live I have some friends that on the weekends work at a place called traders village, and bazars. They pay around 50 to 60 for sat and sunday depending on how good you are.

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  • Emura
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    8 years ago

    How do you plan to care for it? Horses are expensive to keep. Around here it costs approx. $130 a month to just feed a horse, not to mention tack, farrier, vet, board, meds, etc

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    sell things

    ask the sable your leasing from if you can work there over the counter (no taxes)

    mow yards

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    Congrats!! Your almost there! You could do a lemonade stand ( I know lame right! ) or even make something and sell it!

  • ?
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    8 years ago

    Sell stuff things you no longer want or need.

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  • 8 years ago

    A horse will not cost $1500! A dog cost 3,000 and your parents will never let you get one.

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