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Will a bleach bath help kill pin worm eggs?

Hi everyone!

I was diagnosed with pin worms and I've been doing a LOT of cleaning and hygiene maintenance, but I'm still worried the parasites will keeping coming because pin worm eggs are hard to kill. I read once about taking bleach baths to prevent infections. Will taking a bleach bath kill pin worm eggs on the skin?

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    Bleach is a nasty and extremely toxic chemical agent. I would ban it worldwide.

    Reading this might help you:

    Stay away from bleach.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I thought clove essential oil did, but it's extremely strong so you'd have to dilute it a lot.

    However, if you cover your bum at night it might keep the eggs contained. I read this thing once about someone who had pinworms and they put vaseline on cotton wool to wad into their bum crack at night.

  • Jody
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    8 years ago

    Were you not given medicine to take?

    Bleach is a powerful substance that will damage and irritate your skin, and especially mucous membranes.

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    No, diatomamaceous earth food grade only. Take internally and powder your anus every night. They come out at night to mate. You will be healed if you so this.

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