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HELP! How can i control my horse?

I currently loan a 14.2hh Arab x Welsh mare who is extremely forward going. She is not too bad on hacks but in the arena she will just not stand still. She is calm if you walk next to her but as soon as you mount her again, I just cannot keep her at a walk or trot, she just canters which actually turns into a gallop! I cannot change her diet or bit, I suggested a martingale to the owner but that just makes her tears for. She has breathing problems so can't have a nose band. She also rears if you pull hard on her reins to stop her which is dangerous. I don't want to give up, I want to be able to ride her but I don't feel confident on her at all.

http://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=plcp&v=kdeiFQxQ... This is a video if her, if it works, but she doesn't look that bad in these clips but she is much worse. I know we ride badly but she makes you lose confidence because she just will not listen to anyone. Does anyone know what to do?

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    i couldnt watch the youtube video, but its probably just because of how my ipod acts up. anyway, woaah, a welsh x arab?! thats a lot of horse.. small horse, but a lot and hot. haha. anyway, have you tried lunging her before you ride her? does she get time in the field outside or is she boxed up in her stall all day? she might need to get a lot more energy out then you (or the owner) are allowing. if you cant turn her out then try lunging or just longer work. does she cool out by the end of the ride? is she on any feed that makes her like this? i would look at all the options and discuss them with the owner if you can. you dont want to be changing anything when its not your horse. hope this helps (:

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    I found this book called Ride The Right Horse: Understanding the Core Equine Personalities & How to Work with Them by Yvonne Barteau. I got it at the library. It is an amazing book that helps you understand why certain horses do what they do. It talks about the four main equine personalities: 1: Social 2:Fearful 3:Aloof and 4: Challenging, and their different intensities and combinations. Your horse is not evil, lol! She just has a personality that you need help understanding. I have read a LOT of horse books. But this one really stands out! I think you just really need to get back in sync with your horse again and you will be fine! :)

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