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I might be pregnant please help?

I may be pregnant, if I am how the hell am I going to tell my parents? I'm still in education, hate abortion and the worst part is it was a one night stand with my best friends brother, if she found out I'd be 6ft under, I'm going to die, right?

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  • 1- if shes really your best friend she might be upset and angry but will be supportive,

    2- if your pregnant i doubt your going to die, my midwife told me you only get what you can handle

    3- telling your parents the best way is to come out and tell them no messing around, im guessing your young but unless your under 16 i think you have the right to decide what you want to do, if your under 16 then as your legal gaurdians they can choose what to do

    4- if it was only one night id say its unlikely your pregnant since you only have a 20% chance of falling pregnant in your cycle and your egg only lasts 24 hours

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    8 years ago

    Pray to God and do the thing you believe benefits everyone. My idea is telling your parents and looking for job if you are. God has mercy and mercy rejoiceth against judgement-James 2:13

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    If you are pregnant then stay strong and keep your baby. You are in no rush to tell anyone but when you are ready just be honest. Wishing you good health, God bless!

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