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Do i have an emotional disorder?

Lately i've been crying every time somebody yells at me or something bad but not that bad happens. I mean its been happening for a while i just started noticing. I get worked up over the smallest things and start bursting into tears and then start thinking about all my problems. Then like 5 mins after im done im just over it like nothing happened no matter how much i think about it. So i was wonder if im like fragilly emotional or have something wrong with me??? Im a girl and its non of that lady biusness. Its been like thisfor a long time. Thanks if you have any answers!!!!


Im not sure its emotional depression or something i just dont know what to really call it.. or what it is.

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    When you suppress feelings inside of yourself they sometimes express themselves without much concern for your embarrassment and so on. That is why it is better to be aware of your problems and feelings and learn to express yourself in ways that you are comfortable with at the appropriate time.

    E.g. Talking to a friend, family member, councilor/therapist and so on can help. Just be careful who you tell as some people might just end up hurting you instead.

    If it's not that then it might be a hormonal problem which can be caused by many reasons other than just lady business. If the problem persists and becomes more inhibiting then it is best to contact your GP.

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    I doubt this is a disorder. Maybe something mentally, but not a problem. Maybe you are just oversensitive. Nothing out of the normal I don't think. No one likes being yelled at. Don't listen to Hafza. He's an insensitive little prick.

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    Your problem has to do something with your mentality, but it isn't a disorder. It is simply a reaction to something. You have a more sensitive feeling when someone is angry at you meaning you break down more easily. Even though you break down easily, you, for some reason are able to repair yourself.

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    I have the same problem but i have major depression/social anxiety/add/ADHD

    Idk if it's related to a mental disorder maybe, perhaps you're just sensitive, don't worry it's not the worst thing that could be wrong with you

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