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How free up used RAM?

I have a windows 7 pc with 10 gb's of RAM, but only 1.92 gb's usable. I noticed this when I went to play a game that requires 2 gb's of ram wouldn't work anymore and told me that it required 2gb's of RAM. I don't know why I have such little usable RAM and could really use help finding where my RAM is going

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    Ho that simple...your pc is running a lot of programs behind the scene....go to the process of your window and you will see there where is consuming your memory. Then start unistalling or shutting down programs. Also, not all games runs the require memory. In your case your games do not consume all the memory because it have to have space for you window to run. IS like have a 32bit window with 4GB and will tell you 3.92GB is been used. The rest of the memory left is for other programs to run.

    i hope this help.

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    You can check how much ram is being used while you use your computer. See the first link.

    The other links explain how to turn off services that you might not need but use ram.

    Hope this helps

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    make sure your pc is windows 64 bit

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