How are men today failing to please women?

I always here women say men are not good at this and not good at that. Women, how are men failing to please the women in general? Obviously I am not talking sexually.

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    Well as a mother of two boys, I am very concerned about this and it is a serious matter. If you take a look at how boys are performing academically, they are laging behind girls by about 25% right across the board - this includes MATH! There is nobody that is taking this matter very seriously becasue they don't know how to fix it. Boys use to outperform girls in school, they made changes now girls are outperforming boys in school. Maybe two different school systems would be best!

    There are things that women are better at, but there are also things that men are better at - it often has to do with how we are socialized. My husband is better at home repairs than I am. I am a much better cook than he is. That has to do with the way we were raised. Both of my boys will be amazing cooks and know how to fix things around the house! That's the way we are raising them.

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    Men are not failing to please women. Women who say these things usually have ridiculously high standards and somehow think that they are owed something special from men even if we, ourselves, are hardly perfect.

    On the other hand, there is an attitude that some men hold that goes something along the lines of 'women think they are better than us' and 'they don't think that they need us' and this is based entirely upon assumption. This goes hand in hand with the 'new women' of today, where a man's job is no longer AS required as it used to be, thus giving off the feeling that women (especially 'independent' ones) don't value men any more because they're just so great on their own. This is not true. Men are still valued by women in ways that they won't realize, with or without money, with or without ridiculous good looks etc, but these needs aren't so observable which is why they tend to go unnoticed. And that applies to both men and women.

    To add to my final point, I believe that this is part of where the anger comes from in these topics, and in particular between MRA's and Feminists. People get angry when other people make assumptions- men get angry when some women say that all they want is sex- and women get angry when some men automatically attack a woman for saying that she can survive alone and call her 'up herself.' In both cases, we fail to recognise the fact that we DO still desire each other in some way. Why? Because we wouldn't be arguing about it so much if we didn't.

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    Honestly, a lot of times it's really hard to find a guy who truly understands right from wrong and who is faithful to you, in every way.

    I am displeased to have met so many sexually aggressive men (men who want you to "sext", send them naked photos, or otherwise sexually stimulate them)...

    And I have met far too many men that aren't sure what the boundaries of an exclusive relationship are, whether you've discussed it with them or not.

    It's not okay to sext your friends or to ask for their naked photos (or allow it to continue, if they sent it without your asking) from your friends, while you are in an exclusive relationship. It may not be physical, but it is a sexually oriented relationship that you have with people, when you do these things.

    There is also such a thing as an "emotional affair" where you may not be physically involved in any way (or sexually involved, as with sexting and having naked photos, in any way... note that kissing, etc, is being physically involved). An emotional affair is simply a relationship that impacts the level of intimacy, the overall dynamic, and the emotional distance in a relationship...

    Not all men are the same, I'm sure... but as it is very difficult, where I live, to find a woman who has had fewer than five or seven sexual partners in their lifetime (and that's by the age of 19-21!), or a woman who is a good housekeeper, a good mother, who doesn't nag, etc... it's also very difficult to find a decent man who has a fair moral standing and is faithful.

    As someone else has said: People fail people. Nobody is perfect, you just have to learn to accept yourself (not to the point that you never try to better yourself, but to the point that you are capable of not being completely destroyed by another persons opinion of you).

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    Because a lot of women don't know what in the hell they want.

    Because they have next to impossible expectations.

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    First I want to say men are great and life would not be the same without them.

    However, most women I know hold down hard full-time jobs and have kids and do the lion's share of the housework too. Their husbands do a bit but not enough to make her life a bit less stressful. Even when they get sick, these guys don't pick up the slack. It would be great if men just did it without having to be asked for the sake of their over-burdened wives.

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    Men don't need to please women because women these days demand too much. They want to be treated equal as a man while demand special rights. I don't see what's the point to please pampered princess attitudes.You act like men need validation from these women who obviously could care less what happen to men.

    @baby then do it , I'm pretty sure no man would miss you anyways.

  • For me, it's hard to find a good gentleman out there with a sound moral compass - that cares about the repercussions of his actions, doesn't look for "hooking up," "getting wasted," or compromising his dignity, or worse, his life, all to do something "cool."

    It just seems to me like most guys (not ALL of them, but the majority of them,) don't place value in the things that they should - honesty and selflessness in relationships, devoting their life to a higher cause, knowing and caring about Jesus (as a Christian, this is important to me no matter how others may judge me for saying this) and putting their families' needs before their own. I just feel like a great deal of men my age (in their mid-20's,) have lost sight of the big picture. They are quick to hop into bed with several different women, yet are the first to want out when one of their partners bears a child. They claim women are needy, when they are only concerned about their well-being and truly do want the best for them. Some have huge egos, and women don't like chauvinist men. They like humbly confident men, and there is a difference. A lot of them like to place blame for the things they have done wrong, and I haven't met a man (at least not yet,) with the same driven-ness and persistence in the work force and education as I have - a strive to want to change and better this world. Most accept getting by or getting their name out there, but for selfish reasons. I would also tend to agree with Baby in that they can be harsh/shallow when it comes to women's appearances - not that we don't have standards or different levels of male attraction, but we don't base everything off of looks (unless we are REALLLLYYY immature, which the women that DO matter are not.) I give just about every guy a chance, and that is my problem. Not all of them deserve one, then you walk around as a woman with these high standards (which you feel are reasonable,) and you can't find the man that fits the mold. Do you see our dilemma?

    I don't think that I am looking hard enough or in the right places to see the really great men out there, (I keep dating or becoming attached to the wrong types of guys,) but I honestly do believe that the morally-sound model of the gentlemen is falling. I don't expect men to be perfect, but I have to be honest about what I'm experiencing, my family members are experiencing, and my girls are experiencing. It's bad. I just want to find a good man, you know? One with heart, that cares about his life, God, health, education, and making a difference in this world - like me. I work at and attend a church expecting to meet some nice men, but they are all either married and no longer available, or they are there to cover up all of the sinning they do within the week. That's what frustrates me about men - a lack of a moral compass. It's a HUGE pet peeve of mine. Women today aren't much better, though. For every woman out there like me, there are 50-75 that are few and far between. I'm not perfect by any means, I just want someone who shares my same morals. That's what matters most to me - in both choosing male friends, and especially in choosing a potential person to pursue a relationship with.

    Source(s): Self. :) P.S. - I also agree with ya coffee (and as I also mentioned, Baby.) I agree somewhat with Jolly Good Giggle, as well. I agree with Ninja Turtle - people with fail you, but God won't. I just need to find a man that doesn't fail me to the nth degree, as the ones I have met have.
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    People "fail" people. The opinions of others matter not to you who has self-confidence enough to value your own opinion of yourself more highly than that of others external to yourself.

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    We just don't care enough because women are getting bitchier and more butt hurt

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