can i get pregnant if i had sex 3-4 days after my periods finished?

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    If you use a condom you are 97% less likely to get pregnant whether you're on your period or not. If you use no contraceptive you probably will get pregnant. So basically, yeah if you don't use contraceptive.

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    Good question! It is difficult to tell whether you'll be able to get pregnant based on when your period ends because the amount of time between when your period ends and when you become fertile differs from person to person--and sometimes from month to month.

    There are many factors that determine whether you can get pregnant at any given time. If you're young and your period hasn't stabilized yet, it can be difficult to know when you will ovulate. Sperm can live in the body for around three days after you have sex. And, an egg can live about 24 hours after you ovulate, approximately two weeks before the start of your next period.

    If you're worried that you might be pregnant, you can take Plan B emergency contraception within three days of having sex to ensure that you do not get pregnant. You can find information about Plan B at

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    hey...u should knw dat..dctrs recomnd dat u should nt have sex atleast 7 dys aftr periods..nywys..why dnt u tl ur byfrnd to bye u a preganewz so dat u could chk it up..

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    Source(s): Duh.
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    yes lol

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