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Help my ferret is being extremely difficult!!?

Please help me an give me your honest opinion and tips I am on the edge of giving my ferret away ... He is about 10 weeks old , I have put so much time and effort into trying to litter box train him but he does everything opposite of what most ferrets would do . For example I took all the shelves out of his large cage because he was pooping and Peeing in every level and left him with only the bottom where he has his bed across a large litter box right next to it his food bowl and in the last corner his water and toys so that he wouldn't poop anywhere other than the litter box because supposedly they won't poop on soft surfaces well this guy poops and pees all over his bed and toys and then sleeps in the litter box an of course I put some poop in the litter box so he knows to go there so now he just smells like crap from sleeping in the litter. So today I made the whole bottom cage a litter box I am using paper pellets because every other litter he wants to play with or eat ... I out one level with food an water so that he can go up to sleep and down to poop ? Idk what to do anymore he's driving me crazy!!!! He's even pooped outside the cage a couple times

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    Oh wow, this sounds just like my old ferret. Here are some tips:

    -Whenever he has an accident, put it in the litter box. Then he won't want to sleep in there.

    -Cleanup accidents everyday. If you leave them there, he'll think he can poop where ever.

    -Put Litter box in 1 corner, a place to sleep in another, food in another, an water in another.


    -Wake them up to play outside the cage, then put them in the litter box. He WILL jump out, just put him back in again. Keep doing this until he goes in the litter box. If he lifts his tail and backs up into a corner, put him in the box. Then let him outside. It's frustrating, but it pays off.

    -Keep an EXTREMELY close eye on him while outside the cage. Don't let him go outside the cage.

    -Once he starts consistently going in the box, give him a treat EVERY ONCE IN AWHILE. If you give him a treat every time, he will fake a poop on you. You don't want that.

    -After he is fully trained, let the ramps down, but put a box on every level. Sometimes ferrets are lazy

    Here are some video links to watch:

    Youtube thumbnail

    Youtube thumbnail

    Youtube thumbnail

    Youtube thumbnail

    Youtube thumbnail

    Hope this helped!!! I know how frustrating it is to have a ferret pooping everywhere.

    Source(s): TONS and TONS of research and experimenting.
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