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Only lost 0.4 pounds this week, could it be because of my water intake?

I've cut my diet down to almost always drinking only water. I consume over a 100 oz each day, probably hovering more around the 125 oz - 150 oz. Is this healthy? I don't think it is, but now that I only drink water I'm thirsty all the time and it just tastes so good to me.

Also, could my lack of ideal weight loss be attributed to water weight?

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    no accentually water is really healthy and should be speeding up your metabolic rate (the speed you burn fat) however try to build muscle then burn fat because one pound of fat burns only between 5 and 15 calories per hour but one pound of muscle burns 20-even 40 calories per hour

    so the more muscular you are the more fat you burn because muscle naturally burns more fat than fat itself

    here is a list of foods that help your metabolic rate

    . broccoli


    . very lean white meat

    this one will surprise you ...

    . red meat (yes in small doses and if it is extremely lean it helps because it contains iron an element needed in the body to keep you ticking over)

    and dairy

    limit the dairy and berries be cause of the lactose and fructose ( the natural sugars in dairy and fruit)

    also stuff like


    and porridge

    and wholemeal stuff

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    Are you a couch "potato"?

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