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For anyone who has stayed in a hostel in Los Angeles?

A friend of mine and I are trying to spend some time in Venice Beach at the end of next month as cheaply as possible. We were thinking about staying in a hostel, as hotels are kinda out of our price range. We understand that we would have to sleep with our valuables in our clutch in a room with up to 10 others, and we're cool with that. We're looking for a place with a good reputation that won't give our room/spots away and where the conditions aren't too filthy. If anyone has any suggestions as to some decent ones, we'd love your insight. Thank you.

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    Here's a list of the hostels in L.A.


    Be very careful about choosing a hostel, and don't hesitate to move out if something doesn't "feel" right. Some of these, the Stay on Main and the Cecil for example, and very dodgy and you just wouldn't want to stay there. Beware of those that have ex-cons, drug addicts, the seemingly homeless, as residents. Just don't try to stay in the downtown area.

    I've heard the hostel in Santa Monica is OK, as is the one in West Hollywood, but WeHo is about 30 minutes from Venice Beach.

    Hopefully you'll be able to get a private room.

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    USA Hostels Hollywood has a very good reputation. The security there is VERY good, which should make you feel at ease. Avoid "Stay on Main", which is on Skid Row downtown, right next door to the hotel where the Canadian traveler died. "Cheap" is not good if it costs you your life.

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    the two who spoke back are providing you with lodges that are on the different end of L.A., i'm undecided the place you will come across a hostel close to the stadium yet there are various lodges you are able to stay at close to downtown this is a three minute tension from the stadium do no longer stay on the motel on sundown merely exterior the stadium believe me in this one.

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    The Hostelling International hostels tend to be the nicest. There are a couple around LA. USA Hostels is good too.

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    It's ok

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