I have a couple of questions about Stuyvesant high shcool.?

1) Can you still go there if you live in Brooklyn?

2) Tell me about Stuy high? How it's like (the people,enviroment,homework)

3) Does it have homecoming dances?

4) What is the score you have to have to be accepted

5) What background are most of the students (race)? Would love to meet people from diff countries!

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  • 8 years ago
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    1) Of course. Anyone who scorers abopve the cutoff and lives in nyc is welcome to go to stuy

    2) It's not as intimidating as people say it is. Yes, there are some 3200 kids, but you'll definitely make some new friends by the end of your first week. Stuy has a very competetive yet laid back kind of environment. People are always trying to outdo each other, but that doesn't really affect their behavior. There aren't too many tense people. I'd say that on average, if you DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT PROCRASTINATE, you'll get about 90-120 min of hw each night. You get a LOT of tests, though. 2 per week at the very least.

    3) Yes.

    4) Usually its around 560. That's about a 90 (raw score).

    5) You'll hear that Stuy is swarmed is Asians. Yes, to an extent, that's true. But there aren't as many as you think. There are also a lot of whites. Not too many people are of the other races though.

    Source(s): I go to Stuy.
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