Physics moment of inertia?

A 1.7 kg cylinder can rotate about an axle. R=11 cm; L=46.2 cm.

(a) Calculate its moment of inertia about its center.


(b) When there's no torque applied, it slows down from 1800 rpm to rest in 51.0 s. Now we want to make it come to rest from 1800 rpm in 7.00 s by applying a constant torque on it. What is the minimum torque applied?


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    θ α ωα

    a) the moment for a solid cylinder is I=.5*m*r^2

    b) first we can calculate the frictional torque


    solve for α

    the friction torque is calculate using

    Tf=I*α use I from above along with the α calculated to compute Tf



    the α' is found by


    combine all together and solve for T

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