VIZIO tv wont connect to computer (hdmi)?

i have a 32" VIZIO 1080p tv with 3 HDMI ports

and a geforce gtx 550 ti 2gb ddr5 video card with 2 vga and 1 mini-hdmi port

now ive been using my tv as a monitor with hdmi for a few months but just recently it is not working and ive tried everything i can think of

i can use VGA but its got wierd color and a lil more less detailed so im not gonna use it

please tell me ANYTHING you can think of that would maybe fix this problem

thank you

1 Answer

  • fusca
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    I might try yet another cable first, if that is not the drawback it seems like your port on your tv is also dangerous. You stated it relatively labored and not using a audio and now does not work at all, that places up purple flags to me.

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