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My fast tail daughter?

My daughter is 14 now I have taught her right from wrong went to counseling, active in church I am very active in her life. I award her when need b and discipline when needed. Tell me why is she so permiscuious with the boys. I don't have that type of behavior displayed she is being raised by myself and her father together married. I just don't know what I am doing wrong... I don't want to see her pregnant as a teenager. Any advise from some parents that may have went through this and beat it...

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    Number one. Get her on the pill and be sure you have the condom talk with her. Gotta keep her safe. Don't be too critical of her choices but talk about those qualities in boys and men that you admire like patience, respect, willingness to learn, family oriented, hard working etc. Don't focus on the sex but what it is that you find "sexy"--as in their attitude and mind. Nothing sexier than a man vacuuming is what I tell my now 20 something daughters (and my husband). You want to keep the conversation going and open and not make her clam up and shut you out of this side of her life or she will be lost to you.

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    Hi. I'm 14 myself and it's all simple. Mainly girls just want the attention. We ( or atleast myself)don't really care about actually have a 'hot' boyfriend. Just attention... Lol BUT ITS TRUE. Sorry if this is a bad answer :P

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