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Ugh a one night stand?

Aware it's m&d but your way more mature then the other sections

I had sex with my ex from 4 years ago last night ( I was drunk & I couldn't get hard I apologized and she said it was fine so NO i didn't finish). Next morning I dropped her off at her job and that was it I left it at that BUT later at night at 2am I got a txt from her "Goodnight stranger".

This was our convo

Her: goodnight stranger (@2am)

Me: A stranger?

Her: Yeah

Me: I wish you were here though

Her: Yea right!

Me: Yep I miss you..... Do you want to come over tomorrow night?

Her: That's not needed

Me: Why do you feel like that?

Her: Because

I didn't txt back.....She sounds mad/upset about something right??? It couldn't have been the sex because she was still good with me by next morning she even asked if I can walk her home

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    maybe she is mad you had sex with her. Some people, when their realationship with someone is destroyed, they want it to remain that way. They may vow never to talk to or have sex with that person again.

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    I'm not exactly sure what the question is here. The moral is don't drink and drive and don't drive your apparatus when you are drunk :).

    Seems to me it was consensual recreational sex, assume there was no coercion involved, just the impaired judgement alcohol brings? Since she actually used the word stranger, she was in the mood for strange, sex with a relative stranger - it has been 4 yrs. That is also a distancing technique. She didn't want you to think it was an invite to get back together. Her desire was nsa sex and that is the end of the event. Have no idea why she texted you at 2am. Just to tease you ? Who knows.

    So she apparently likes the convenience of having you as a sex partner on her terms. Can you accept that? If so enjoy it only next time don't be on no binge :) If not tell her you are a sensitive guy with feeling for her and it is reeealy reeealy hard to have sex without a commitment or relationship. Good luck with that.

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    I think the chances are greater that she will try and spite you in the event you did not help her in taking good care of her problem. In the event you tried to see it via and he or she is familiar with this was once a one night stand from the opening and you failed to make any guarantees to her that it used to be extra, then the chances are lessen that she is going to try to "get even." It totally is dependent upon the girl, her persona and if she is a revengeful sort. I don't consider you had been incorrect to confess to your female friend. I feel that was once utterly sincere of you, and you were very fortunate she wants to stay with you, nevertheless it is smart on account that being honest and feeling so badly as you do in regards to the entire thing is the proper way to be. Inform your female friend that you are involved the opposite girl will lie, and tell her why, so that you can as a minimum prepare her.

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