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can a SSA benefit file for tax return even the beneficiary never worked?

I had a question regarding SSA benefit, I been hearing some where in long beach that many SSI or SSA beneficiary file for the federal tax return and one I know for curtain, they never work in the U.S so there is no money hold by the federal from their paycheck. let said, they were to received $800.00 a month and there is no deduction on the check so they get the full amount that was promise, can they still file for federal tax return?

I understand if they worked but if they never worked, can they still file for federal return and still able to get a refund check? If so, won't be a kind of a scam or fraud?

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    If they never worked in the US then if they get SSA it's fraud. SSI is not social security but it's welfare just administered by SS and different rules apply.

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    In order to qualify for Social Security retirement benefits, the person must work for at least 40 quarters.

    Taxpayers MAY qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit if they have children and their income is low enough. See

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    particular you are able to document a tax return yet do no longer anticipate the IRS to deliver you a verify. you do not have any earned earnings for that reason you paid 0 tax. you will possibly only be dropping it sluggish submitting a 1040.

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    SS is not taxable income and you would get no tax refund and have no need to file.

    If the person never owrked int he US and never paid in to SS, they can't get SS. If they are, it's fraud.

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