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I had a collection acct that has since been taken off my credit report because its 9+ years old.?

The original creditor called me a few days ago to collect. They also pulled a credit report on me. Can they do that? They also said they will continue to do hard hits until I pay. I called to let them know I did not authorize this credit inquiry but they said they have legal right. Is any of this true? This was comenity bank.


I keep telling the. Creditors that this debt was removed on my credit. I know it can't be placed back on my. Credit report and at this point be sued for it. What can they do besides call me and run my credit. How often can the do hard a inquiry ? I asked for validation of there legal right to do what they state- they said the original company I had the credit with has filed for bankruptcy and can no longer provide me with proof of the credit agreement.

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    1. It's probably past the statute of limitations. Do not affirm the debt. Do not acknowledge anything.

    2. Yes, they can pull a credit report.

    3. Yes, they can attempt to collect EXCEPT through the courts because the statute of limitations has passed.

    Learn about these things.

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    First, they most certainly do have the right to pull credit reports. Second, those inquiries should not be hard inquiries, but soft inquires and not impact your credit report.

    Second, if the debt has aged off your credit report and is beyond the SOL for your state, just send the collection agency a certified, return receipt letter telling them to cease all contact. They have to stop and will likely just sell the debt to another zombie collection agency. You would then have to send the next collection agency a cease letter.

    The inquiries are just a tactic to scare you into paying. Keep in mind that even if these were hard inquiries, they would only ding your score a couple points and you score starts to rebound in 6 months. By the 12th month, a hard inquiry no longer impacts your score. So many "credit experts" make a big deal out of hard inquiries and the collection agency is trying to cash in on that fear. The inquiries are REALLY not a big deal!

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    they might attempt to assemble a debt continually. in spite of the undeniable fact that, as quickly as your debt is previous your state's statute of downside, you now no longer have a criminal criminal accountability to pay. verify your state's statute of downside on debt. If this improve right into a mastercard debt that's many times indexed under "open debts". The statute of downside starts working whilst the account final grew to enhance into antisocial. that's 30 days once you neglected your final charge. in case you resume money, you have re-began the statute of downside. the sequence employer could make inquires on your credit comments. those inquires are "gentle inquires". they do no longer harm your credit rankings or your credit status. are not getting the statute of downside puzzled with how long a debt might properly be pronounced to the credit bureaus. those are 2 separate themes. A debt might properly be pronounced to the credit bureaus for 7 years after it grew to enhance into antisocial. that's ruled by making use of federal regulation. Statutes of limitations on how long a creditor can carry collectively varies from state to state. Unscrupulous sequence employer many times attempt to assemble on "zombie debts" banking on your lack of understanding of the regulation. If the debt is previous your state's statute of downside, in basic terms deliver the sequence employer a "quit and desist" letter putting forward that the statute of downside has expired. deliver the letter by making use of qualified mail. shop copies to your documents.

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    They can call you for the next 50 years. They just can't sue you. If you have their #, call your phone co and have them put a block on the calls. They is no charge for this service. If they send you letters, black out your name and address and write " Return to sender".

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    Because you told them something on the phone, they can get away with doing anything that they want, because they can lie and say that you authorized it when you spoke to them on the phone. To keep them from doing things that you did not authorize, you need to communicate with them only in writing, and never ever say anything on the phone.

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    you owe the debt until a court says otherwise, even if you can't be sued for it.

    the creditor is acting legally... for now. read up on the FDCPA; know your rights.

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