how many days dose it take to get meps drug test results?

I recently took my meps drug test and its been about a week and a half not including weekends and i haven't gotten a call or anything about the test all i know is i got temp DQ for being overweight by 2lbs from the marines and im going back to re weight in so im just wondering how long dose it take to get results if i failed? im trying to turn my life around for the better..... please serious answers only

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  • 8 years ago
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    If you know you smoked weed before going to MEPS, you'll be getting a call from your recruiter soon. If you were clean, you will never be notified about the results of your piss test because you would have passed it.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    I went through MEPs a pair of weeks in the past and that i think of youll be high quality. Dont pay attention to the guy saying to dillute your piss. undesirable advice and that they are going to locate out. yet interior the period in-between you should be ingesting water NONE supply up till then. And do a brilliant number of cardio workouts that are going to get you to SWEAT. THC is saved on your fat cells. So doing cardio workouts are the suited ingredient which you're able to do. Taking a pair of Niacin tablets wont harm the two only dont over do it. Be arranged nevertheless theyll make your dermis itch and change pink. Dont issue its only flush the BS out of your device. The cardio and Niacin tablets youll be high quality. Itd be distinctive in case you have been smoking usual for a together as and in case you have been doing it multiple cases an afternoon. additionally I pronounced to drink water none supply up till you get to the motel. interior the morning and a splash the evening previously drink some juice or possibly even in basic terms a splash of soda so it doesnt look such as you tried to dillute your piss. Like i pronounced previously in case you attempt to flood it with water they are going to tell. do exactly as i say and you would be high quality. additionally dont pay attention to that ignorant Crow guy on something he pronounced. They dont hair attempt. of course he has by no potential been through MEPs. Sidenote: At MEPs they might attempt to scare you saying their Uranlaysis attempt is going back some like 60 days for longer genuine. something you advised your recuiter desires to be the precise comparable ingredient you do at MEPs. the objective of the individuals the artwork at MEPs is to flush out the vulnerable human beings. yet yet another abode drug attempt to work out the way you do....Youll be high quality bro

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