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Feeling depressed and guilty over cat.?

Over the weekend I had to put my only 11 month old cat down due to a month ago he had a uti with blockage then had a bad asthma attack which cost us over $1000 and many vet visits. He got really sick which included vomiting, not eating/drinking, urinating blood, and became lethargic. So we took him to the ER vet Saturday and they said he was re blocked and it would cost $800 just to do the needed testing and to try to unblock. Then it will go up from there for the amount of days he would have to stay and other things they would do during that time. They said he would need surgery after all of this which is atleast $2000. They said there is no guarantee that it will work. I am 30 weeks pregnant and and started getting braxton hicks from the stress of the cat and our money issues. My credit card is maxed out from his vet visits and he was on a expensive only wet food diet and medication. 2 vets told me if he was re block after the first time he will have future problems. Stress also can make them block and set off a asthma attack. We are trying to move and obviously will have a newborn soon. I made the hard decision to put him down since we don't have the money or time. He was suffering and the vet said he had a lot of problems for his age and it is not good at all. I feel so horrible since I loved him so much and he was always by my side. He was young and I feel he didn't get to have a long life. I need to get ready for my daughter and it is hard now since I feel so upset and guilty over my cat. I miss him and cry all day thinking I let him down. I don't know what to do.

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    Don't beat yourself up about it. You tried to take the best care of him, but sometimes its best to know when to draw the line. If you had gone through with all of these expensive surgeries, he still may have not recovered, and his life would have been full of more pain and anxiety from all of the procedures.

    The pain of loosing a beloved pet will lessen with time. Take solace in the fact that you filled his short life with joy :)

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    First off, you already did more than any other would do, but I know you did it all for love.

    So never think you let him down, if it was his choice, he would asked for that, I'm sure he was in so much pain (and if he would grow up, the pain would've been a nightmare to him), so you did the right thing.

    Other than that, you're pregnant!!! I mean come on! you're gonna have a baby girl of your own very soon, that's a very important event in both your lives, try to make it as special as possible, try to make her proud of you when she grows up, knowing that her mother stood strong for her, be strong, because you can.

    Having a pet in ones life is intended to nurture our feelings of love and caring, and that's exactly what little infants needs, a loving caring "Healthy" mother.

    So stop thinking about it, it was an experience that you needed to learn from, now you should think more about what you've learned from it, rather than thinking about what you lost.

    Life is filled with a lot of situations that won't actually count as enjoyable, but without them, we won't be whom we are now.

    "You can never connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect the dots looking backwards"

    and am sure you'll look at what happened one day with a smile on your face.

    Now go have a hot bath, talking to your little girl in your belly promising her that you won't cry anymore because you love her, and care for her, and want her to grow healthy (because stress and crying affects the infant's growth)

    I think you should be thinking now about the settings for your delivery, try to record it, both video and pictures, that really makes a great memory stay with you forever, I'm sure you'll get over this in not time.

    Stay safe, healthy, and don't forget to always smile :)

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    That sounds like a very unhappy tale, yet what do you think of could've been suited on your cat? i be attentive to from own adventure that that's annoying to place a liked cat down, whether you probably did no longer be attentive to for particular, yet i will't inform you the way you may experience, or what you may've performed. in basic terms a pair of weeks in the past we found a stray, no longer understanding if he have been diseased or no longer stored him faraway from different cats. We took him to the vet each and every week later to get him examined, he replaced into effective for the two tom cat leukemia and tom cat AIDS. We had to return to a call to enable him back out or placed him down, yet we did no longer prefer to decide no rely if we could consistently stay or no longer so we gave him to our community SPCA. besides putting him down would him, would have been appropriate, if he wasn't feeling nicely, now and back we do issues that we are going to be apologetic approximately, yet i will't be the decide of that. some issues are for the suited. desire I helped fairly

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    whenever you feel yourself getting choked up, just take a deep breath. try to remember all of the good moments you had with him, hang onto those moments. you did so much for your cat, I am certain that you didn't let him down and that he knew how much you cared for him.

    focus on your child that is coming, I'm not saying that you should forget about your cat, or that crying is bad, often crying will heal a lot more then any medicine. but your child deserves to come into the world with a well prepared mother. do not feel guilty over the death of your cat, it was not your fault and you did not let him down.

    Good luck with your baby!

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    I am sorry for your woes. Sometimes, things are beyond your control. He probably needed PKU surgery, as he has a genetically narrow urethra.

    I realize this seems so unfair but don't blame yourself. You tried your best.

    I am providing a link that you may find solace in visiting.

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