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Please help with diet and fitness?

i want to loose a little weight and have a healthier lifestyle. Can you suggest a diet plan and a light workout plan (for abs and thighs) Thank you!

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    Hi Isabelle,

    Good for you for undertaking a healthier lifestyle!

    I also prefer to do a light workout plan that's just the right length of time. Who has time for long, strenuous workouts?

    I've recently came across bodyweight workouts. It's workouts where you use only your own bodyweight to exercise. This helps you to lightly tone, instead of building or bulking up. And if you do bodyweight workouts the right way, you can get a workout done in 21 minutes while getting great results.

    I love doing bodyweight workouts so much that I even wrote a whole e-book about bodyweight exercises for busy bodies.

    You can get your free copy of my ebook here:

    Just do the workouts in the above ebook and you may lose a bit of weight and tone up.

    Good luck!

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    The diet is so easy once you get used to it! You can substitute things as you see fit for your calorie needs. Wake up early. It gets you going. (If you have Dish network channel 218 has a yoga show on at 6:00 or you could buy a DVD.)

    Have within 30 minutes of waking up. For breakfast, try a piece of whole wheat toast, 2eggs, some fruit of your choice (grapefruits are nice and healthy) and a cup of skim milk.

    After 3 hours, have a snack. My personal favorite is to cut a banana into little pieces, sprinkle GROUND cinnamon on (not cinnamon sugar) and then sprinkle 1/4 cup sliced almonds on it.

    At around noon, you should be hungry again. Even if you aren't, don't skip lunch. Sometimes I have to force myself to eat lunch, but I still do it. Have a spinach salad with chunks of grilled chicken in it. Use fat free salad dressing (Catalina sauce is good) remember to watch how much dressing you use! If you choose to treat yourself to a DIET soda, drink 16oz of water with it.

    Have another snack about 3 hours before dinner. Blueberries, some pumpkin seeds, and some carrots. (Drink WATER!)

    For dinner, have what you want. Attempt to stay away from sugars, fried foods, and full calorie sodas. Yes, that means you must say no to desert.

    For exercise, Do yoga early in the mornings to get your day going right. At around 45 minutes before lunch, do a set of 75 situps, 20 reverse crunches, and 30 squats. Also, if your feeling brave, run a mile. (Make sure to stretch before and after a workout) You can research other exercises as well. The thighs are difficult to lose weight from since fat tends to build there. Running is the best way in my past experience (Ive lost 100 pounds in a year!)

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