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Gymnastics question please help!!?

Ok so i'm 15 and i'm going to start gymnastics again. I did it for 3 yrs when i was 7-9. Anyways do you think i have a shot at making it to the competetion team by this fall? Here are my skills:




Backwalkover (almost)

Front walkover

Backhandspring/ front handspring(on trampoline)

Backflip/frontflip (on trampoline)

Layout (trampoline)

Basic jumps

Full turn and other basic turns

Close to areial

I want to do xcel/ prep-op so my question is do you think i'll be ready by this fall to compete for xcel silver (similar to usag level 3-5) If you are a gymnast how long did it take you to get to level 4 or 5 ???

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    For level 4 as far as I can see for floor you need your backwalkover and back handspring since you already have your bhs on the trampoline I would not have thought it would take too long to get it on the floor you just have to just more when your in the floor than the trampoline and to get that quicker you could take an extra bhs class and as you nearly have you back walkover keep stretching out you back in a backbend and when you backbend put your hands down as close to your feet as possible as you will be able to kick over quicker or check out my youtube channel Hollie Kate and see my backwalkover tutorial I would say to get to level 4 floor it will take you around 4-6 months as you need to get these two moves and I would think you could compete by fall and it took me around 5-6 months to get to level 4 from level 3

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    You are like me. I want to start up again. When I started I was pretty talented and a fast learner so I got to level 4 pretty fast. Since you have most of the skills I think that you will be able to compete by this fall IF you start now because you will still need training/conditioning/routine practice. BUT and it's a big but lol, when you compete it is not just floor exercise, it is beam, bars, floor, and vault so keep that in mind.

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    I have about all of the above! You might get started on pre-team around a level 4 or 5 but if you train for awhile you will probably improve much more and get on team! Even with all of this you have a good chance but its much higher, plus you will need to re gain vault, bars, and beam skills

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    They will always start you off on level 1. But ask to get evaluated. Then they put you on your level. You are probably a 3 or 4. Good luck!

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