2. What is the volume of a sphere that has a diameter of 2.76cm?

If you could help explain how you get the answers that would be helpful.....


3. If the sphere in question #2 has a mass of 89.3g, what is its density?

7. If 26200 calories of heat are required to raise the temperature of 575g of an alloy from 50.0 degrees C to 455.0 degrees C, what is the specific heat of the alloy?

8. One kg of water and 1 kg of ethanol are in separate containers and each has an initial temperature of 10.0 degrees C, then 30,000 cal of heat is applied to each. After the addition of the heat, how much hotter is the ethanol than the water? Sp.ht. of ethanol = 0.59 cal/g degrees C

9. If 1 kg of water and 1 kg of ethanol are heated to 70 degrees C and then placed in a room that has a temperature of 20 degrees C, which would reach 20 degrees C first?

19. A liquid has a density of 1.13 g/mL. What is the volume of 55.0g of this liquid?


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    2. The volume of a sphere is 4/3 pi r^3 where r is the radius. If the diameter is 2.76 cm, then the radius is 2.76/2 = 1.38 cm. Then the volume of the sphere is (4/3) x pi x (1.38^3) = 11.0 cm^3

    3. (89.3 g) / (11.0 cm^3) = 8.12 g/cm^3

    7. (26200 cal) / (575 g) / (455.0 - 50.0)°C = 0.1125 cal/g·°C = 0.4707 J/g·°C

    19. (55.0 g) / (1.13 g/mL) = 48.7 mL

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