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Do I need a cosmetology license to open a salon that just does Hair Extension?


I am in New york.

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    Yes, most provinces/states will state you must have this license because if you do not apply things right or the way your customer wants it, it could cause you trouble. This rule is something very important to remember..

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    Every province or state have their own regulations. You have to check with your local licensing bureau that governs hair salons. You also need to check with your local city by-laws as well, since they may have some rules governing opening businesses like this. Without saying where you are located, it is impossible to say whether you need them in your area or not.

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    4 years ago

    you like a cosmo license in any state in case you desire to apply chemical ingredients which incorporate hair shade or perming ideas. even nevertheless that's fairly helpful to flow illinois state web site and look on the regulations for them because of the fact it varies from state to state. I stay in CA and you are able to open a salon for only braiding and weaving with out having Cosmo L's...DO YOUR examine taking off a salon is a great cope with alot of criminal accountability. sturdy luck. I grad cosmo college in Nov. :-)

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