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Sexually frustrated! Help ladies!?

Ok this "sexual issue" is becoming very disappointing and annoying! It's horrible and embarrasssing, but I seriously can't "finish" (c*m) for my guy! He finishes no problem and is always happy/satisfied. I'm happy and satisfied too because the sex/foreplay is good... but I NEVER FINISH! It's so annoying for us both! He feels bad like he's not "good enough" and I feel bad because I feel like I'm letting him down/something is wrong with me. There have been a couple obvious mood killers (interruptions), but even without interruptions, it just doesn't happen for me.

And even MORE annoying - I can usually get myself off just fine! (When I finger myself, "stuff" is on my finger when I'm done.) I think that's the part that really confuses and gets to my guy. If I can do it, why can't he? His oral skills are fantastic (I've felt my leg quivering many times during it)... but I still don't c*m. I'm at a loss and have no idea how to "solve" this!

Does anyone have ANY ideas as to how I can FINALLY c*m for my guy so we'll BOTH be super stoked and happy?

Btw - it's not a "teen thing" either... we're both in our 20s (that's why it's annoying too - I'm an adult - why are my lady parts "broken"?!).


@LadyMerton - Well, I meant actually c*mming... as in female ejaculation! I know some women are "squirters"... but I don't know if I am or not. When I masturbate, I don't "squirt". I'll get myself aroused and feel my wetness, then as I massage my clit and finger myself, eventually when I pull my fingers out there will be milky/creamy whitish (or clearish) stuff on the finger that was inside me. I'm assuming that'd be "lady c*m"... right? Also, I know a lot of the porn is definitely staged and fake! We don't watch porn. I just want to c*m for my guy so I stop worrying about it and so he doesn't feel bad and knows he CAN make me do it and DOES turn me on!

Update 2:

Another point that makes it a bother to him - I was a virgin when we met, he wasn't. So he probably wonders why I'm a "puzzle" when it comes to c*mming and maybe the other girl wasn't. I know everyone (man and woman) are different and unique and we all have different pleasure spots, but I don't know if HE gets that. He may think all women function the same down there, therefore what works for one, works for all. I've went into detail about what I like and what I do when I maturbate. We're considering a "mutual masturbation night" where we pleasure ourselves in front of eachother. Maybe that would help. It's just so annoying how I can like what's happening and love what he does... yet there is NO c*m! It makes us both scratch our heads and wonder who is doing what wrong.

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    take his hand and Show him what to do

    ( I take it when you say c u m you mean Orgasm- Orgasms and female ejaculation or " are 2 different things)

    When you get turned on your vagina gets Wet- - that is Totally different than female ejaculation or "Squirting" are 2 Separate things

    ( and what you may have seen in Porn is Faked!)

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    hey buy a rabbit from anne summers, some times my wife finished her self off if I blow too soon, men are odd, we come we go, droop. not always, but women can have cock all night and not lose it. when he has spent get your rabbit in and let it go lady, ill help if you want. lol

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    His oral skills...How bout his manual skills, stroking you g-spot w/ two finger tips while he gives you oral?

    That'l do it.

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