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What can I do to not be shy anymore?

I'm Hannah I'm a very shy person. When I go to my moms friends house, I'm always shy. If my moms friends have kids or older kids, I don't want to play with them cause I'm shy. And when they play Wii (Dance), I don't want to dance, first of all I don't know how to. Sometimes I see them laugh at themselves if they mess up and that makes me feel better and want join, but I don't anyway. Because what if I stink more than them? Advice? I'm so shy that everytime I come over their house, they won even invite me to play with them because they know that I will say no to them anyway. :(

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    I used to be like that, but then I got up one day and decided to do something different. I said "No. I am not going to be shy anymore. I am going to do what I want because YOLO."

    So I'm not shy anymore!!!

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    Just go 'You know what f*** it. I'm dancing' and do it like no one's watching you. What's the worst they can do to you anyway? You're just joining in in a game, not putting on a dance show. It's just for a bit of fun. x

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