Can anyone tell me?? .10 points?

I sold a plate on Ebay it was very well packaged...plate was inside a bubbled envolope and 3 layers around of bubble plastic for packaging.. bottom of box was brown thick crumbled paper so it wouldnt touch bottom of box and another layer of same brown paper on top...leaving the sold item well protected in the middle .. seller is now claiming she recieved it broken....hmmm... my post did say no returns or exchanges ... she wants a refund and postage... what should i do..? i asked for pictured of broken plate or box to see if there is any damage to it... what should i do..or what do you think of this. 10 points for best answer


I got an email back from her saying .. the box wasnt damaged but the plate broken..she doesnt have a cell phone to take picture of it to send it to me..and if i want the broken plate mailed back,. i need to add the postage fee to her refund as well.. Now give me your advice and what to do with that email she sent me.. still 10 points for best answer..

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  • 8 years ago
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    Well sometimes its better to go with her so not to receive a negative feedback....but if she threatens you to give you a neg feedback if you don't exchange then you can call EBay Customer Service and tell them that she threatened you with a neg feedback and they can take it off :)

  • 8 years ago

    Ask for a picture...if she doesn't send you one then say you will report her to eBay for lying. Unless she provides you with evidence of it breaking! If it has broken then you'll have to give her a refund I'm sorry :/ but! It's probably not even broken.

  • 8 years ago

    Unfortunately you have to go by the rule "the customer is always right - ask for evidence and they may show you.

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