Do you wear control wear?

I have major confidence issues with my body. I try my best to lose weight but it just doesn't shift. I'm a size 14-16 would a dress slip be best or control pants? Any advice is good :)

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    8 years ago
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    Hey Emma,

    We plus-sized women have never had it so good. It's raining well-fitting, plus-sized clothes for us now! And yes, I completely agree with you. Losing weight is a long-term plan that calls for some very strict discipline and focus. And if it's today that you want to go out looking your best, forget it. We'll look into it another day. What we need to look at today are the slimming undergarments. Yes, control-wear if you want to call them that.

    Some of them are really effective, work really well and some have been complete, utter flops. And trust me; I’ve been through the grind. I’ve bought dozens before settling for the right one. It depends on what you’re going to wear. If you’re planning on wearing a dress, then I suggest you try the Flexees full control slip for when you want to look really good. You can even wear your own bra underneath. What I like about it is that it offers a full, smooth fit from the bra line all the way to mid-thigh. It actually shapes your waist and midriff and skillfully hides your love handles to give you a smooth, sleek silhouette.

    Another model I like is the strapless, long line bra. I wear a Elila full cup one. It has lace fabric that has back elastic. The metal boning offers good support and the covered bottom band gives you the right control to make you feel good. And without making you feel uncomfortable.

    Some of the bras I have worn were so restrictive that within hours of wearing, I would start feeling like I was suffocating. You don’t want that to happen. Again, I suggest, please make sure you go to a shop that has knowledgeable sales assistants. If ordering online, get your measurements just right and make sure the vendor offers you exchange or money back options.

    Source(s): Online browsing and oodles of personal experience.
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