I need a idea for a gift for my mom she loving and smart and everything. It is not a mothers day gift just a i love you gift. i need some ideas for this gift something that would touch her heart and make her cry of joy and say i love you something that makes her think of the amazing times she had. I've been a little tough on her and im sorry for that. I wont this gift to let her know i love her and everything will be Ok in the future. My love for my mom is so strong i can not explain it and i wont this gift idea to be homemade to show her how hard i worked on this.

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    8 years ago
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    Make a scrapbook of all the fun times that you and she have shared over the years. Bake her her favorite kind of cake and a nice hot cup of tea together and enjoy looking at the pictures together. And get a nice jar at the Dollar Store and some nice color papers and make the paper into strips and write a nice thing about your Mom on it and a reason why you are glad and proud that she is your Mom. She can read one each day.

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    You could perk up her spring with some pastel or beige beads for spring or pick out a scarf that will go with a couple of her outfits.

    Or you could get a hanging plant for porch or patio. Get something like petunia or geranium that will take the heat all summer long. A hanging plant will definitely say, "I love you," especially when the hummingbirds start coming along to hover around it.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I totally understand what your situation is. I used to be so mean to my mom, I opened my eyes and saw what I was doing. I did the same thing, I got her multiple things. I got her a necklace that said "mom" inside of a heart. She loved it, and wears it often. I'm so scared to lose my mom, so that is what made me open my eyes. You can try making something? What does she like? Bubble bath kit of her favorite scent? Spa day with you? Get your nails done with her? Spend a day with her.

  • 8 years ago

    A suggestion:

    Make her a mix-CD filled with songs that make you think of your Mom and songs that make you happy. Decorate the jewel box cover with photos and stickers.

    Hope this helps.

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