1.3 volt mercury replacement battery for a TBL canon slr?

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  • 8 years ago
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    You can use a Weincell zinc-air battery but they only last about six months, or can use a voltage reducing adaptor with a silver oxide cell, such as the US-made CrisCam adaptor or a similar (and technically slightly better) MR9 unit made by Frans de Gruitjer in Holland. If you're in the UK/Europe the latter unit costs far less than the CrisCam item. All will produce the correct and constant 1.35v of the discontinued mercuric oxide cells.

    There are 1.3v lithium alkaline cells, but unlike mercuric oxide, silver oxide and zinc-air batteries they do not have a constant voltage output so start at around 1.55v and continuously fall as they are used to around 1.2v

    You can also get the camera light meter recalling rated to suit 1.55v silver oxide cells, but that also shifts the exposure range of the camera although it's not a problem for most photographers unless you particularly favour low light images.

  • Jim A
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    8 years ago

    What's a TBL? If you're talking about the battery that maintains date and time they should be available at Radio Shack.

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    8 years ago
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