What is the state budge & what does it do for us?

Just a couple of questions that I have about the state budget... its okay if you don't answer them all I'm just trying to get a grasp

What is going on with the State Budget?

Although we seem to have more than last time, why is there no talk of more funding for Texas Schools?

Why do we continue to hear about more tax breaks?

Why are schools districts suing the state of Texas?

What is the state doing to correct this problem?

What does the future of Texas Education look like if funding is not restored and districts are reimbursed for growth?

How does this affect Higher Education?

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  • KevinM
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    8 years ago
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    The state "Budge" is what's left after the "T" party gets to slash the budget!

    Let's hope they cut a lot more than 1/6 of it!

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