Best small texas town and why?

My family might be moving to texas. Heres a bit about what we are lookig for so you can make a better match...

-some place with trees and grass (aka, not desert)

-small town but not so small that we have a hard time shopping etc

-good climate/space for our livestock

-possibly coastal?

-I would like it if there was a boarding stable in town, as I take riding lessons and work at a stable now

-safety for children/family

-activities/things to do (zoos, wildlife parks, amusement parks, museums, pools, 4H something like that)

Thanks guys! I know it's a lot to ask

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    League City,Tx. has all that. Also Friendswood,Tx. also. Sugar land,Tx. Which is larger, but has it all.

    Those are close to the coast but not so close that the live stock does badly. Many people choose Beaumont,Tx. But I think it's too small. Everyone knows each other there.

    There's a town called Anderson,Tx. which is close to Conroe,Tx. has great schools and land is reasonable.

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    Highlighted on 60 minutes last night

    see link below

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