Is deleting Java a good idea to avoid viruses?

What if I remove the program? What won't I be able to access. What is Java for?

I know that Yahoo games requires it, but what else?

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  • 8 years ago
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    It all depends on what YOU do on the computer.

    Java allows you to play online games, chat with people around the world, calculate your mortgage interest, and view images in 3D. These applications, written in the Java programming language and accessible from your browser, are called "applets". Corporations also use Java applets for intranet applications and other e-business solutions. learn more about java here

    UPDATE: why disable Java, when you can have your computer up to date with a good antivirus, a good antimalware and a good disk cleaner. Run them once a week, keep Java, and be virus free.

    Download AVAST from

    On the lest side, click DOWNLOAD NOW. Install, run it-remove found threats.

    Download Superantispyware from

    Download it,install it, run it. Perform Quick Scan. Once scan is complete, click Show results-check all threats found and click Remove Threats.

    (As a small PS- i choose Superantispyware over MBAM(Malwarebytes), simply because MBAM is not what it used to be, and Superantispyware actually cleans up where MBAM failed)

    Download Cleaner from

    Cleaner is a very useful tool that cleans your computer of temp files, history and cookies. Its also used to fix any registry errors.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Metasploit founder HD Moore warned Oracle was still sitting on a backlog of Java flaws that will take up to two years to patch, even without the discovery of new flaws.

    The best tactic is to have dual-browser arrangement (neither of which being Internet Explorer), such as Firefox and Chrome.

    Have your default browser (Firefox) without the Java installed, then when a trusted site is encountered that requires Java (the site will 'detect' if your browser has it on-board and notify you), switch to Chrome for the 'limited use' operation.

    Note that "Java" is unrelated to "JavaScript" (another can of worms in it's own right).

  • 8 years ago

    Not sure what is going on in this thread, though I for one agree with Angel on this one. If you practice common sense, and have an up to date version of java with up to date security software., then you should be ok. I laugh sometimes when people are so worried about java and telling people to completely remove all traces of it (though you can IF you have no need for it, though many apps REQUIRE java to run at all), while running an unpatched (with many non-installed) version of say Windows Vista. MS itself (I am completely guessing... I do not have stats to back this up, I admit it) seems to have just as many security issues as java itself, but some seem to "freakout" over java issues (I do recommend updating any PC you have that does have java on it)

    also, if your in a corporate environment, I could understand completely disabling java, though since so many apps and web apps need it, mass uninstalling it wouldn't (just my opinion) be advisable until you know you will not end up removing it on a ton of computers, to find out, it is needed for some reason, THEN have to reinstall it back all over again.

    Testing it, by disabling it (say in Firefox Plugins) in your browser but not totally removing it, is a good idea , if you want to test, if sites need it. You can simply re-enabling it if you need to later


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  • 8 years ago

    Well... it might protect you from viruses that use Java exploit, but it won't help you avoid anything. If you visit a site or download a file that's infected with a virus, your computer is going to get that virus regardless of whether or not Java is running on your system. Getting rid of Java will only protect you from viruses that specifically target Java in order to do damage to other parts of your computer.

    Java is used for a lot of things. As you mentioned, Yahoo games, is one site that uses it. There are many webapps online that use it as well, and certain softwares require it to run (for example, I use Eclipse IDE, and it needs Java to run).

  • Big Mo
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    8 years ago

    Yep, I removed Java about 6 months ago. Lots of games require it. I haven't noticed anything else needing it. I don't miss it one bit. Actually most newer sites don't use Java....its on the way out.

  • Xyso
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    8 years ago

    Despite what they were saying on the news a few months back when the big "Java scare" happened, you had better not uninstall Java.

    It is by far better to simply get the newest version.

    I was thinking to myself when they were saying that was that they didn't know very much about computers.

    There is a host of programs that use Java to operate.

    If someone wants to find out (I'm not doing it), simply uninstall it and see what happens.

    i hope that helps you.



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  • 8 years ago

    I would disable it in your browser but not completly delete it. Its worked fine for me.


    Some exe applications

    Ex: Eclipse, VLC Media Skinner, Games

    Require java in order to run so if you are a dev. you will need Java for some applications or to build Java apps, and gamers will need Java too.

    I mean as in disabling it on your browser but not on the whole machine if you get what i mean.

  • 8 years ago

    Java keeps popping up every where. Drives me nuts.

  • Anon
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    8 years ago

    Some games require it, but I am not much of a gamer anyway.

    I delete it as a rule, and I never have any virus issues.

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