I am an author, and I get no support from white nor black people in the publishing world. Why?

I am an author. I am polite and write well researched books. I am black. Specifically, I am an African. I am a man. I am not cocky, not arrogant, and I don't try to sound smarter than I am. In fact I actively try to maintain a humble attitude when I deal with people. I attend black author networking events, but I am shunned, and it seems already established literary "cliques" want nothing to do with me. Black book clubs do not respond when I write to them, and its hard to build an audience. My books are not trashy or ghetto. Neither do I write about black power, empowerment or any stereotypical stuff that seems to permeate literature from colored people. I write well researched fiction. Forget about whites: if you're black, intelligent and confident they automatically label you as being militant in most cases. I attribute that to the ignorance that permeates how a lot of them are raised. I get no love from them either.

My experience has all been with Americans.

So what do I do? Why the ostracism? How do I break these barriers? Why is the publishing world so stigmatized and race driven?

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  • 8 years ago

    By the way you introduce yourself, you sound both racist AND sexist. What does it matter if you are a man and not a woman?

    Since black as well as white have rejected your stuff, why do you feel the need to specify colors? Obviously it has nothing to do with your problems. Wake up. Getting publish is not an easy task. Getting support is not something you get automatically because of color either.

    It is very hard to make it in the publishing world. You'll see just as many white writers having problems getting support. Just ask around and you see for yourself. Why do you think there are so many self-published authors?

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Probably because you apparently expect "support" based on your skin colour.

    Who is your publisher? What you describe is common for vanity published authors.

    Edit: You might also like to consider that, for the past three years, most of your questions consist of "here's some other situation in which I am ostracised, of course it's nothing to do with my own actions."

    Twice looks like a coincidence. Three times looks like more than that.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    properly, i actually do no longer see myself being a broadcast author when I develop up. it isn't any longer in all hazard profession determination, and in spite of the incontrovertible fact that it form of sounds like I even have continuously enjoyed writing, for some reason, being and author on no account happens to me. i think that facilitates me end my memories and save writing. I write for the exciting of it and not because of the fact i think of or wish it is going to get me printed interior the destiny. while publishing isn't even in my radar, i think of it facilitates me concentration on in basic terms writing and improving because of the fact i want to, in spite of the incontrovertible fact that it won't get me plenty interior the long-term. i'm studying to play piano, and that i sing too. yet i actually do no longer plan on that being a profession course the two. i like to sing and play, yet I in basic terms on no account observed myself doing that. So, that makes it extra elementary to maintain at it, because of the fact i'm doing because of the fact as quickly as upon a time, I made a dedication, pronounced i needed to do some thing. and that i continuously attempt to end what I initiate. i've got faith that in case you go with some thing adequate, you will circulate a mountain to get it. That keeps me going. BQ: stable. have been given to make certain a chum who i've got no longer considered in like a three hundred and sixty 5 days. :) BQ2: Freak out, yell slightly, and then attempt to discover my childrens. BQ3: i'm no longer entirely constructive what i want to do. attorney has been accessible considering the fact that i became 6 (relatives's concept, and that i like debating), extra those days, psychiatrist (chanced on my love of psychology), and according to hazard indoors fashion designer? somebody stated that extra those days. I ought to make each and every thing fantastically. So, i don't be attentive to. Time will tell.

  • 8 years ago

    Why blame it on color, maybe you're just a bad writer. The simplest explanation is often the right one.

    You talk about research, does this mean you're writing non-fiction? If so, I bet it's your credentials.

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