Do bikinis draw too much attention to a girl and her body ? Or do guys like them ?

So, I usually always opt for a bikini because I've worn them every summer for a while. I am thin enough for one. I found an adorable one at VS that I absolutely love(link below), but I'm considering what type of bathing suit to get. The only other kind I'd get is a tankini. I sometimes feel overly exposed in a bikini & just want to cover my body up. I don't know if this is just my self consciousness or what. But I was thinking about it because I will be on vacation with friends for senior week this year, around a bunch of guys(10 or more). So I was thinking that I may get really uncomfortable and not really enjoy their eyes all over me. But then I'd also feel like a little girl in a tankini because I wore them when I was about 8 years old. So can I get some, guys' preferably, opinions on bikinis and other types of swim suits? I did also just get my navel pierced, so a bikini would show that nicely since it is the only time I'd get to show it. Thanks :) Oh, and I'm 18 if that makes a difference ?

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  • Tina
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    8 years ago
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    If you were the only girl on the beach in a bikini then yes it's an attention getter. But on most beaches there usually five hundred girls in bikinis. It's just swimwear then, no one cares. Every year there are probably 20 million bikinis sold in the US. There are more bikins sold than prom dresses or blue jeans. If no one gets upset about girls wearing blue jeans then why would they get upset about girls wearing a bikini.

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    8 years ago

    They draw attention, but when you're at the beach there are hundreds of other girls in bikinis. Guys love them and think any girl in a bikini is hot. I'm really chunky but when I wear a bikini guys still think I'm hot. When one of my slimmer friends wears a tankini, nobody notices her. She would look better in a bikini. If you're around other girls in bikinis and you're not, people will think you're either boring or fat.

  • 8 years ago

    No need to be dramatic, just go with what you like.. that one you posted doesn't seem too bad.. and if you got your navel pierced you must have some confidence.. guys are going to check you out no matter who you are or what you are wearing...

    I say flaunt it if you got it.. its not what you wear but your actions that dictate what "kind of girl" you are... you can wear a bikini and still be respected, albeit just a little better to look at

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  • 8 years ago

    It draws attension coz they can see your body and think 'ahhh shes fit' its just an instant attendion graber for guys

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