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Best drug store foundation!?

What is the best full coverage foundation?

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    Most drugstore foundations arent full coverage, just because it takes more money to create full coverage foundation but I know some medium coverage foundations that are superb for the price

    Almay clear complexion, it helps get rid of blemishes and covers fairly well.

    My favorite is Revlon Colorstay 24hrs they have different types for dry skin, and combination/oily skin.

    If you want a more full coverage always use a liquid foundation then a powder foundation, twice the coverage!

    some good powder foundation is Stay Matte by rimmel london

    and Nuetrogena Skin clearing mineral powder

    Source(s): personal experience.
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    Best Store Foundation

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    Well, it depends what kind of skin you have. I have normal to oily, and I absolutely love my Revlon Colorstay Whipped cream makeup foundation. It's GREAT for full coverage! If you want something with SPF, I really like my L'oreal True Match Liquid foundation. It also comes un a huge range of colors! If you want a powder foundation, Maybelline Dream Matte is really great. For dry skin, you can use most liquid foundations. I have friends with dry skin, and I usually recommend a more moisturizing, creamy foundation. Also, a fuller coverage tinted moisturizer or BB cream. Maybelline fit me is pretty good for dry skin, too! Hope I helped!

    Source(s): Experience. Also check out m YouTube channel for more tips!
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    Drugstore foundations work okay. But, last time I used those I broke out horribly!

    I'm going to suggest something light and that doesn't have full coverage but blends well into your skin.

    Its Maybelline New York BB Cream.

    Its light and when you pick one closest to your skin tone and blend it in it automatically adjusts to your skin tone. But, i'm not saying go buy any random one IT HAS TO BE CLOSE TO YOUR SKIN TONE. This BB Cream works for work and school when you can't wear too much makeup. This BB cream covers your most hated blemishes and leaves the hard to see ones.

    BB Cream on even models has been the new trend.

    Foundation for most girls now are avoided because of the heavy feeling. Drugstore foundations aren't very reliable when it comes to caring for you face and acne.

    I hope this help if not or it didn't make sense.

    Message me and I could tell you how to find good ones without even trying it on.

    Source(s): polyovre, working at Shoppers DrugMart, beauty guru on youtube
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    4 years ago

    It will've helped to grasp your skin kind, but I still have nice recommendations! The revlon color keep basis is more often than not the excellent full protection foundation! It actually is robust! It is around $9! I also love te covergirl smooth groundwork! It is $6 and it's robust!!

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    A lot of people like revlon color stay. I don't. It's too heavy and Cakey for dry skin, even though its for dry skin. Ironic eh? Well, I use Rimmel wake me up and I adore it. Look at Tayna burrs drugstore foundation review on YouTube and she will convince you. She's a makeup artist by the way. But yeah, it's a great product of you want a dewy finish that looks like skin, not makeup.

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    I say Revlon photo ready foundation it makes my skin look beautiful and glowing

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    8 years ago

    either revlon colorstay or maybelline fit me

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