Can a quark gluon plasma begin fusion of hydrogen?


Yes I understand but there is such a high level of energy and heat within a quark gluon plasma and I should've clarified that, so could the heat from the QGP start the fusion?

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  • 8 years ago
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    You're going in the wrong direction. Fusing hydrogen is putting together protons. A quark gluon plasma is when even one proton is split apart into its constituent parts.

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    4 years ago

    The quarks carry fee. So a huge soup of them is a plasma interior an identical way that ionized gasoline is a plasma. different than the phenomena we ought to learn may be the good interplay, no longer EM. The quarks and the gluons the two carry shade (the good tension's fee), so that's extremely plasma-like in there. i think of the scientists that do those heavy ion collision experiments borrow a lot of ideas from the plasma physicists. And confident, it may must be particularly warm to get all those quarks and gluons to dissociate from one yet another (they commonly stay sure up in shade-independent nuclei and hadrons) and bypass right into a huge soup.

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