Numbness in my little finger?

I've had this numbness in my pinky finger of my left hand for about a week, maybe more. I can also feel a bit of numbness to a lesser extent in the tip of the ring finger in same hand. It seem to start off one day when I woke up and my arm from the elbow down was a bad case of pins and needles, it took nearly a minute to shake off. But the numbness in my finger persisted. I'm not sure if the pins and needles and the numbness afterwards are linked, maybe they are, it could be a complete coincidence but I think they're likely to be linked.

If there are any doctors in here it would be great if you could tell me what to do, and if it's serious, and when (or if) it will go away. Even if you're not a doctor and you know something about it, say it below. I suspect it's a nerve problem.

1 Answer

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